It feels more and more like this is my life's July.

Ensnared by the way that it is

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Spend most of your time generating cash

disco breakin
having fun solitary adventures walking around outdoors noticing things

it used to seem like (being outside, noticing things) was a viable way to, ah um

This is a world where you can pee on a bee. --->


There are so mamy things you can do now to make it feel like you are having a positive impact on the future of this dogged Earth....I have probably spent 48 hours of the past 8 years washing out plastic containers to put them in the recycle bin while someone down the street threw a bunch of like wet pizza boxes in it and then every warehouse and furniture store (honest ppl trying to make a couple $) in the city/state is throwing away 9001 lbs of shrink wrap every single day. The picture on the back of the box from big corporate product I use said it makes me Good To The Planet.


Was tv always this insanely bad,

like when we were kids? I remember watching tv when i was a kid and it was just what people watched, this is normal. Did our parents feel the same way we do now watching GOOD MORNING AMERICA! when it's playing on the tv at work. But anyways I can watch a profound film by a great visionary artist that makes me feel like I will never do anything even 1% as good with my life or I can watch dum dum U-TUBE commentary video about (topic) which I could easily make if I cared enough to make it. I guess that is the same....


I can't wait for season 32 of shameless.

Step through the door to fulfillment-----------

not very big innit

Get on the bus ride to happiness-------------------------

Get In

Become kewl----------------------------------------------------------

instantly cooled

Is your life's July coming up? Did it already happen? Is it happening right now?

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